Founded in May 2020, Harpy Productions was created by Noga Flaishon and Katie Pratten. ​


Our motto "WICKED WOMEN TELLING WEIRD TALES" is a perfect summary of what we do. We strive to bring women to the forefront as Directors, Producers, Artists, Writers and Actors. 

Our work focuses on new and original works by primarily undiscovered talent - bringing to life stories that may not otherwise be told. We use narrative devised from the worlds of Science Fiction and Horror cinema to examine real social issues, and shine a light on dark corners. 

How did we go about choosing the name of our production company? Harpies are mythical creatures, depicted in ancient Greek writings as being a bird with the face of a woman. Half human, half bird, all storm. They are the raging hounds of karmic justice,  spirits of wind and guardians of the underworld. Later on, with the influence of Shakespeare, they became a name for a nasty or annoying woman...and that term stuck!​ As such, we chose to embrace the angry, strange and feminine creature of the Harpy as our symbol.






An actor, writer, singer and Dungeon Master. Noga classifies herself as a storyteller. She began writing plays at the age of 16 and hasn't stopped since.

She moved to the UK from Israel to train in the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, which she graduated at 2017.  


Noga's writing is influenced by New Wave Sci-Fi, modern horror cinema and some very dark humour she inherited from her family. 




Katie trained as an Assistant Producer with 'Pixeleyed Pictures', an independent production Company from Pinewood Studios.​ Originally an aspiring novelist, Katie moved onto writing original screenplays and producing a number of projects, including the award-winning short film 'From A To Q' and the upcoming feature horror film 'Cherry Pickers' written by Darren 'Daz' Black and Huw Samuel.

Her main influences in the world of film include Christopher Nolan, Hans Zimmer, Ridley Scott and Jordan Peele.