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Apocalyptic City



"When the end comes, it’s unexpected, but what other conclusion could there be?
It’s clever, but grim."

- The Reviews Hub

"Safe to say we were gripped the whole way through"
- Quintuple Productions

"Satisfyingly dark and strange. There are no glimmers of light offered, but the bleakness is nonetheless compelling."
- View From The Outside


"Bunker" is a post-apocalyptic thriller that explores the cruelty and perseverance of the human mind. In a desolate world, the Bunker is the last safe space known to humanity. Two women,  are stuck inside. One is desperate to leave; the other will stop at nothing to keep them there.


“Bunker” is an original One-Act play which focuses on two characters for an immersive analogy of mental health - a conversation between a victim of mental illness and the other being the personification of the illness itself.

With this project, the team aimed to break the stigma of mental illness, namely Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) by visually representing what life is like inside the mind of someone with mental illness.


The "Bunker" itself represents the mind. There is only one exit, which leads to the outside world. Within the Bunker is a door that leads deeper into the mind through a maze of tunnels you could easily get lost in (the sub-conscious).

Written by: Noga Flaishon
Directed by: Coral Tarran

Lighting & Sound Design: Yuval Brigg
Starring: Noga Flaishon & Niamh Bennett
Running time: 60 Mins


Performance photography by Lidia Crisafulli

Camden Fringe Festival, August 2021. Starring Noga Flaishon and Niamh Bennett.

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