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We work based on a project's specific needs and are able to accommodate our services to best fit the situation. The following is a guide to some of the services we can offer here at Harpy Productions:

  • Production Dramaturgy 

  • Virtual Dramaturgy Sessions

  • Research & Development

  • Script Consultation & Feedback Reports

  • Advice on Arts Council England project grants & applications

We don't feel that a dramaturg should be any more of a luxury than an actor or director. We base our fees on the size of the project and the scope of your needs. 

[See TIER below for full breakdown]



Short Play (10-15 mins)


  • One-to-one Zoom Meeting

  • Logline suggestions.

  • Rapid-fire Character Workshop.


One-Act (45 pages max)


  • One-to-one Zoom Meeting.

  • Annotated .pdf of notes, questions and suggestions.

  • Structural guidance and plotline support.


Full Length (45+ pages)


  • One-to-one Zoom Meeting.

  • Annotated .pdf of notes, questions and suggestions.

  • Full analysis and development suggestions.

  • Ongoing dialogue (subject to availability)


Are you looking to get an outside perspective on a draft of your script? Consultations for plays in development can be especially useful for playwrights who are newer to the field. See below the list of things that may be helpful to consider before requesting a dramaturgy with us: 

  • Be as clear as you can about who you are and what you are looking for -- are you new to writing for theater, or have you been at this for a while?

  • Are there specific questions you have about your draft?

  • How long have you been working on this particular piece, and have you received feedback on it yet?

  • Have you worked with a dramaturg before, and do you know what sort of process or communication style works best for you?

  • What is your budget for a consultation and timeline for your project (if you are working with a deadline, be sure to allow enough time for us to read your script, schedule a feedback discussion, and then to incorporate our notes into your next draft).

  • What made you consider choosing Harpy Productions to assist you with your piece? 

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