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Harpy Productions teamed up with 'Living Record Productions' to perform at the 2021 'Living Record Festival'.

BROKEN LINK was written by Harpy Productions' own Noga Flaishon especially for the virtual medium, utilising the genre to it's fullest to bring the audience a live theatre experience. This is a bone chilling and touching story of betrayal, hope, and who we are when adolescence is over.


"Megan, James, Luke and Holly meet every year in their hometown to remember James' sister, Ellie, who died 5 years ago. This year, due to lockdown, they have to hold their yearly memorial on Zoom. Not long into their call, Ellie joins the chat..."

Director Kitty Ball worked with Harpy Productions on their previous virtual online theatre event 'Like No Tomorrow: An Apocalypse Anthology'.

Screen Shot 2021-01-08 at 19.53.48.png

Clockwise from top-left: 

Harry Ryan as 'James'

Rachel Chima as 'Megan', 

Kieron Michael as 'Luke'

Ida Regan as 'Holly'

Screenshot 2023-01-02 at 21.31.57.png

"This piece was performed as a livestream, with the audience able to scan the QR code at the beginning of the show so that they receive the same messages as the characters do and at the same time. This brings the audience closer to the story, which is something we really wanted to achieve given that this is a virtual performance."

- Katie Pratten (Producer)


"The four actors all inhabited their roles well, with honours going to Harry Ryan as budding alcoholic James who as Ellie’s twin has an unshakeable blood bond with his sister"

- 2nd From Bottom

"Harpy Productions have fully considered the audience’s experience at every point.

In Broken Link they have presented a play which actively benefits from the streaming format, whilst preserving its theatrical construction to create an entertaining and very watchable drama."

- Broadway Baby

"Thought provoking and is well performed by the cast. Having been created especially for the digital stage gives this play a starting advantage"

- Theatre weekly 


"First OnComm Nominee of 2021"

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