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Due to COVID-19, creative industries across the world have been hit hard. Numerous projects and festivals have been cancelled or postponed, leaving hundreds of thousands of creatives in an extended period of little to no income and instability. Theatres are shut and may be the last public spaces that reopen. In response to this, Harpy Productions teamed up with writer and actor, Sophie Rivers, in order to bring the world of Theatre online.


For one night only, a variety of artistic creators came together to stream works of original Theatre that were themed around the Apocalypse and the end of days. This subject (swaddled in real anxiety) was approached with satire, dark humour and hope.


All money raised from patrons and audience members went to The Samaritans Organisation, who continue to provide support to people affected by emotional distress and need just someone to talk to. During the pandemic, Samaritans are actively enhancing their services to accommodate this growing need, as well as establishing a new confidential support line for NHS and social care workers.  

You can now watch the performances via the Harpy Productions Youtube Channel using the below link:


Patrycja Dynowska; Oriana Charles; Phoebe Coop; Nathan Lea; Sebastian Parker; Curtis Medley; Sophie Rivers; Tariro Kelly Nicholas; Carly McCann; James Gulliford; Penny Ashmore; Mogali Masuku, Sam Macgregor;

Christopher Buckley; Lanna Joffrey; Freya Sharp; Pippa Winslow; Sukie Baker; E.M.Williams


Miranda Barrett; Michelle J Hughes; Sophie Rivers; Georgy Pleece; Hannah Kennedy; 

Lin Robinson; Monica Cross


Theodor Spiridon; Kitty Ball; Sabrina Richmond; Noga Flaishon; Nell Bailey; Amelia Pearce


"The standout piece for writing, acting, and directing is Hannah Kennedy’s touching play "Fire". Director Nell Bailey makes the perceptive choice not to pretend that the actors are in the same space. Instead, she stages this drama as a reading, with attention to character and story. Mogali Masuku and Sam MacGregor are allowed space to respond to each other with emotional acuity, delivering compelling performances." 

- Theatre Reviews Hub

"We were really impressed by the diversity of plays and the different explorations of the theme; some really superb writing and performances"

- Encompass Productions

"Each director used Zoom to create such unique performances. This is the most inspired I’ve been about digital theatre"

- Alistair Wilkinson

"Issues such as shopping, technology, relationships, looting, cosplay, pop culture and storytelling run through this collection. Two hours of lockdown drama, pitched, planned and rehearsed in a matter of weeks, tightly performed and directed. Moments are captured, whether trivial or profound, long or short'

- Lou Reviews

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