In the far future, 'Lethe Enterprises' is running memory augmentation experiments on subjects at the end of their rope.


Alice volunteered for such an experiment, asking for 3 years to be removed from her memory. Now she doesn’t remember what sent her to LETHE, and the implant embedded in her skull protects her from recollecting her memories and potential triggers. So she is free… right?

This is a gripping and bizarre journey into a future of 'high tech and low life', where the best version of yourself can be commodified and sold back to you. It is a journey into the mind and the body and the price we pay to be normal again.

"It is tense, it is intriguing, and pure delight to be left wondering as we try to piece it all together. It is the perfect play to argue about in the pub afterwards."

- Everything Theatre


Shortlisted for the VAULT 5, and with the gracious support of the New Diorama Broadgate Centre, AVA and the Arts Council of England Lethe  debuted in the Pleasence theatre in February 2021. 

The team is currently searching of it's next home, and would love to share the production pack (which includes videography by Adrienne McKenzie and more beautiful shots by Lidia Crisafulli) with interested venues!

Written by Noga Flaishon

Directed by Micha Mirto

Produced  by Ross Chandler

Sound Design by RODENT

Movement Design by Coral Tarran

Lighting Design by Adi Currie


Alice - Sarah Cullum 

Past Alice / Daphne - Eleanor Harper. 

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