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"Brilliantly written, grippingly performed & masterfully directed"
- Not (Just) The West End

"Gripping drama. Intriguing script. Dramatically staged."
- FringeBiscuit

"A sobering look at at trauma through the cerebral lens of technology. Enigmatic & mesmerising"
- Ghouls Magazine

"A sense of menace pervades this play which has a mystery at its core"
- London Pub Theatres Magazine

"Wonderfully dark & enigmatic...
Sci-Fi theatre at it's utmost best"
- Everything Theatre

"Thoughtful and compelling"
- Gabriela Godinho-Moxon

welcome to lethe

Set in a cyberpunk-inspired future, 'LETHE' run memory augmentation experiments on subjects at the end of their rope.

Alice is a volunteer in LETHE's final experiment, who has asked for 3 years to be removed from her life after suffering severe PTSD. Now, she doesn't remember the traumatic events that drove her to seek help from LETHE in the first place. Only the implant embedded in her skull protects her from recollecting her memories, whilst repelling potential triggers. So she is free...right?

This is a gripping and bizarre journey into a future of 'high tech and low values', where the best version of yourself can be commodified and sold back to you. It is a journey into the mind and the body and the price we pay to be normal again.

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As well as taking to stage to act, Sarah's background in the creative arts originated in voice acting. Training as an actor at The Oxford School of Drama, she worked and focused on her craft, and now loves exploring the many ways a story can be told.

Her professional journey into the voice world began when she recorded a commercial for Design Hotels, a boutique hotel chain. She has since voiced corporate voiceover, explainers, phone systems, audiobooks and more. She also works regularly in theatre, most recently with The Royal Shakespeare Company, and Punchdrunk.


ELEANOR HARPER ("Daphne" / "Past Alice")

Eleanor is a recent graduate of the Performance Preparation Academy based in East London. She is particularly interested in telling queer stories and working with other queer creatives.



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NOGA FLAISHON (Writer / Producer)

Noga is the Co-Founder and Artistic Director of Harpy Productions. As a writer, she is interested in the themes of mental health, memory & gender politics, presenting compelling stories using unorthodox themes, narratives & devices.

Following on from the success of her previous theatre production 'BUNKER' - which was scheduled for another run as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2022 - she wrote 'LETHE', which "explores the themes of mental health, sexual abuse & recovery and
questions the societal expectations from assault survivors and how recovery is measured".


MICHA MIRTO (Director)

Micha Mirto is an international multi-Offie nominated director, writer and dramaturg. She has worked across screen and stage, including Disney's immersive 'THE NUTCRACKER' and the NHS commissioned 'MILIFE' programme which has since been developed into a cartoon starring Jo Brand and Doc Brown. Her directing credits inclue 'ODDBALL', 'ROOM SERVICE' and 'SPACE AGE LOVE SONGS' all of which received Office nominations / commendations. and a number of tours, including 'THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST' and 'EMMA'.

As AD she worked on Public Domain at the Vaudeville and will be working with Matt Strachen on a new adaptation of Julius Caesar on which she is also dramaturg. As a writer, she is represented by Blake Friedmann Literary Agency and is currently writing an imersive play commisioned by writer James Patterson through Penguin. She co-founded theatre company 'Dolls in Amber', whose debut production 'VILLAIN, INTERRUPTED' achieved critical acclaim and was an Offie Finalist in 2019. 


CORAL TARRAN (Movement Director)

Coral trained at LAMDA (acting) and LABAN (contemporary movement) before moving to America to continue her theatre studies at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. She is a founding member of the multi-award winning 'Mischief Theatre' and one of the creators of their Olivier nominated show 'LIGHTS, CAMERA, IMPROVISE!

Directing credits include, but are not limited to: HOP! (The Space Theatre):
 BUNKER (The Lion and Unicorn Theatre): DADDY ISSUES (The Etcetera); RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOU WANT DAD TO DIE! (Theatre503); NINE (Drayton Arms).


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RODENT (Sound Designer)

RODENT is a trans non-binary multidisciplinary artist working across sound art, poetry and performance. Having cultivated their practice in London’s queer cabaret and nightlife scenes, they have begun to pivot their work towards live art and theatre contexts. Recent work includes 'Jenny', a spoken word space opera exploring trans liberation and the binary between hope and revenge through speculative storytelling and experimental electronic music.

Their work frequently explores the thematics of 'the outsider' through high-octane nihilism and a lens of trans queerness, neurodivergence and mental ill-health.

In Orphism, a Greek mystical religious movement, it was believed that the newly dead who drank from the River Lethe would lose all memory of their past existence - a "forgetting so complete, it is synonymous with oblivion".

The initiated were taught to seek instead the river of memory, Mnemosyne, thus securing the end of the transmigration of the soul. 

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