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Founded in May 2020, Harpy Productions was created by Noga Flaishon and Katie Pratten.

Our motto "WICKED WOMEN TELLING WEIRD TALES" is a perfect summary of what we do. We strive to bring women to the forefront as Directors, Producers, Actors, Writers and Artists. 


A terrifying Audio Drama adaptation of the Creepypasta community's favourite clown, 'Laughing Jack' created by writer Steve 'Snuffbomb' Aikins. 

Currently fundraising to cover artist fees via kickstarter:


Laughing Jack is the titular central antagonist of the Creepypasta story of the same name, and its prequel The Origin of Laughing Jack. He is a sinister supernatural clown, often posing as an imaginary friend to his victims.  

For this project, Harpy Productions' own Noga Flaishon has written a new story based on the creepypasta community's favourite clown  'SMILE: IT'LL BE OVER SOON'. There will be 3 episodes of this adaptation, each a half-hour long. We are very lucky to be working with the original creator of Laughing Jack, Steve Aikins (known as SnuffBomb), who will be assisting with this project.

Alongside Harpy Productions, this project will consist of several other key players! Director Jack Bowman (Murder On The Orient Express Audiobook, Red Moon, Phonophobia) , Sound Design by Ian Geldart (Kwantum, Real Legitimate Anthology ) and music by the exceptionally talented composer 'Myuu' (Mr Robot, Child's Play, Beware The Slenderman).

We will also have a large cast of voice actors -- seven in total -- who will spend hours in front of their microphones to bring these characters to life with just their voices. 'Tis not an easy feat! Nor would this podcast possible without the dedication of every single one of these people. They are:

  • TOM KITELEY as "Laughing Jack"

  • LUYANDA UNATI LEWIS-NYAWO (Doctor Who, Hearts of Darkness, League of Legends) as "June Harper"

  • JOE DULLY as (The Sandman: Act II by Neil Gaiman) "Jonathan Peters"

  • EDINA HADLEY (My Father Punished Me When I Talked To Ghosts) as "Hannah Harper"

  • BETH EYRE (Inexplicables, Circles, The Magnus Archives, The While Vault: Iluka) as "Rachel Grossman" & Ensemble

  • HARRY RYAN (My Father Punished Me When I Talked To Ghosts) as "Tom Harper / Detective / Reporter & Ensemble"

  • NIAMH BLACKMAN (The Ghost on the Bridge) as "Sophie Arden / Lyn Arden / Teacher / Reporter & Ensemble"